Our Company

Our purpose & values

Our purpose

We make our customers happy.
That makes us happy.
We will continue to create "Happiness."

Our values

Create happiness and give it to our customers:

  • We will always create the best "happiness" and provide it to our customers.
  • We will continue to create new ways of generating "happiness" by continuously challenging ourselves.


  1. Our priority is to provide safe products and service to our customers.
  2. We continue to develop high quality products and a service that will satisfy our customers.
  3. We aim to be an extremely reliable company based on fair working practices.
  4. We create a corporate culture in which each employee thinks, takes actions, and constantly challenges themselves.

A Personal Message from the CEO

"In recent years, it has been rightfully required for food to be safe, tasty and easy to cook due to growth of the nuclear family, single households, increased levels of women in work place and an aging society in Japan.

We have come up with our unique technique based on the know-how that we had cultivated through processing our wild vegetable boiled packs. Having succeeded in developing the "Umami-Marugoto" series, we are able to ensure that our consumers can always access our delicious and safe foods and enjoy eating them in all seasons.

The "Umami-Marugoto" series are retort pouch vegetables that we have made through the preparation (peeling, cutting, and boiling) of domestic crops, which are then sealed in the delicious flavor of the vegetable itself.
The"Umami-Marugoto" series has been met with favorable reviews in Japan since they went on the market in 2013.

Using this unique technique as a core, we are now expanding our business into international markets as well as food service divisions, baby food and nursing care food sectors.

It is our pleasure to make our customers happy by delivering healthy Japanese cuisine to the family table."

Hirotoshi Fujioka Chief Executive Officer

Company overview

April 15th 1928 by Shigesaku Fujioka.
Company incorporated
April 1st 1975 by Hiroyasu Fujioka.
Chief Executive Officer
Hirotoshi Fujioka.
60 million JPY.
125 (March 2023).
Annual turnover
3,125 million JPY (March 2023).
Every March.
Our business
Processing and sales of wild and farmed vegetables, using home grown and imported ingredients. This includes producing various canned wild vegetables, boiled-packed, vacuum-packed and liquid packed products (for the retail and food service sectors), seasoned wild vegetables and Tianjin sweet roasted chestnuts.
Our banks
The Hokuriku Bank, Ltd.
The Toyama Shinkin Bank
The first Bank of Toyama, Ltd.
Japan Finance Corporation
Our main customers
Supermarkets, wholesalers in the food industry, and wholesale markets nationwide. We are now developing our international sales opportunities.


We have production sites in Toyama and our head office, factory, warehouse and branches are listed below.

Head office and factory
3197 Kurokawa, Imizu-shi, Toyama 939-0311, Japan
Tel: 0766-56-4866 Fax: 0766-56-1150
Tesaki warehouse
380 Haraidou Tesaki, Imizu-shi, Toyama 939-0306, Japan
Sendai branch office
5-6-20 Nakano, Miyagino-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi, 983-0013, Japan
Tel: +81-22-259-7018 Fax: +81-22-259-7060
Sendai branch office (Sapporo sub-branch office)
2F INS building, 3-2-25 Higashi Sapporo 2 jyo, Shiraishi-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, 003-0002, Japan
Tel: +81-11-815-5501 Fax:+81-11-815-5502
Tokyo branch office
7F A・Z Cube Building, 1-2-9 Kouraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 112-0004, Japan
Tel: +81-3-3868-9100 Fax: +81-3-3868-9101
Tokyo branch office (Nigata office)
101 B Flat, 794-11 Takeo, Higashi-ku, Nigata-shi, Nigata, 950-0862, Japan
Tel: +81-25-278-9117 Fax: +81-25-278-9118
Chukyo branch office
2B Tatsumiya building, 1-6-8 Sakae, Ichinomiya-shi, Aichi, 491-0858, Japan
Tel: +81-586-23-1955 Fax: +81-586-23-1956
Kansai branch office
4F Toushin building, 3-1-3 Ekimae, Ibaraki-shi Osaka, 567-0888, Japan
Tel: +81-72-645-5678 Fax: +81-72-624-0504

Our history

April 1928
Our founder Shigesaku Fujioka started canning bamboo shoots which were a specialty in Kurokawa, Imizu-shi, Toyama prefecture.
December 1963
Started selling bamboo shoots in small packages in order to sell them throughout the year.
April 1965
Established a 165m2 factory (selling vacuum-packed products).
October 1968
Started processing wild vegetables such as butterburs, brackens, and royal ferns in addition to bamboo shoots.
January 1972
Opened an additional 660m2 factory which included automatic packaging machines.
November 1974
Established the third factory, also 660m2, allowing increased production associated with the increasing demand for our products.
April 1975
Hiroyasu Fujioka incorporated YAMASAN FOODS Inc.
(Capital:10 million Japanese yen).
April 1980
Increased capital to 25 million Japanese yen.
November 1985
Introduced the automatic production of Tianjin sweet roasted chestnuts machines. Started processing Tianjin sweet roasted chestnuts.
January 1986
Won the Outstanding Performance Award through our operation of a model factory from the Toyama Prefectural Federation of Societies of Commerce and Industry.
October 1986
Established the Niigata branch office.
October 1987
Expanded the head office operation. Purchased 5,071m2 of land including a 2,050m2 building which was converted to a warehouse.
August 1989
Established the Sendai branch office.
May 1992
Constructed a new cutting-edge factory (3,652m2).
November 1992
Increased capital to 30 million Japanese yen.
September 1993
Established the Tokyo branch office.
April 1995
Established the Research and Development department.
October 1998
Commended as "Superior Food Hygiene Facility" by the Japan Food Hygiene Association.
April 2001
Increased capital to 60 million Japanese yen.
May 2002
Constructed our newest multipurpose freezing refrigerating warehouse (1,672m2).
November 2003
Established the Kansai field office.
Constructed the headquarter building in Toyama.
May 2004
Expanded the Sendai branch office operation by buying 1,157m2 of land including a 693m2 building.
Introduced the automatic sweet roasted chestnut production line thus improving the factory facility.
June 2006
Upgraded the Kansai field office to the Kansai branch office.
April 2008
Established the Chukyo field office.
February 2009
Upgraded the Chukyo field office to the Chukyo branch office.
October 2011
Won the "Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Award" for "Superior Food Hygiene Facility" due to our distinguished service to food sanitation activities.
February 2012
Certified Quality Management System (ISO9001:2008) at our head office and Tesaki warehouse.
April 2012
Established the Sapporo branch office.
January 2018
Recertified Quality Management System (ISO9001:2015) at our head office factory and Tesaki warehouse.
March 2019
Integrated the Niigata branch office into the Tokyo branch office to expand the capital region.
March 2020
Integrated the Sapporo branch office into the Sendai branch office to expand the capital region.
September 2020
Introduced our gas flash packing facility and started manufacturing gas flash packed products.
October 2020
Obtained Food Safety Management System (ISO22000:2018) Certification for our head office, factory, and Tesaki warehouse.
February 2021
Returned the Quality Management System(ISO9001:2015) for our head office, factory, and Tesaki warehouse.
February 2022
Receive the grand prize at "The Imizu KIRARI COMPANY AWARDS 2022".
September 2022
Got a recognition as a company making efforts for promotion of active women participation in Toyama.